Wildlife Photography - Birds


Dancing Sharptail on Lek

Various hawk speciesĀ 

Angelic Male

Partridge Covey

About to Strike

Spruce Grouse


Ruffed Grouse

Sage Grouse Boomer

Blue "Dusty" Grouse

Prairie Falcon in Attack

White on White

Loon Portrait

Sharptail Grouse

Bohemian Waxwing

Close Up Loon and Chick

Puffin Rousing

Tufted Puffin

Coming to Land

Huns busting out

Snow Angel

Sage grouse

Fighting Sharptail Grouse

Sharptailed grouse Portrait

Sharptails Fighting


African Spotted in Flight

Sage Grouse Flocking In

Sage Grouse Copulation

Sage Grouse Heading Out

Cock Sage Grouse

Ruffed grouse Drumming Sequence

Strutting His Stuff

Prairie Falcon Head On

Goshawk in dive

Snow Angel

Wings outstretched

Great Horned Owl at dawn

Great Horned Owl photographed at dawn.

Male Snowy Lifting Off

Sunset Display

Mountain Bluebird

Partridge In the Wheat Stubble

The Stare

Female Peregrine

Haggard Tiercel Goshawk

High Point

Winter Ghost

Shoulder Check

Snowy Owl checking over the should during flight

Dancing Sharptail on Lek

Strutting Blue Grouse

Sharptail Up Close

Rufous Humming Bird


Winter Hun In FLight

Sharp-tailed Grouse at dawn

Partridge Covey

Cliff Swallows fighting

Puffin Rousing

Golden Eagle

Loon and chick

Spruce Grouse

Flushing A Covey of Partridge

Turning Inwards

Osprey With Fresh Catch

Peregrine Falcon Giving Sidewards Glance

Hen Sage Grouse


Seizing the Opportunity

Cock Sage Grouse

Sharptailed Grouse

Ruddy Ducks Fighting