Here's a few from the other day

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 00:00

It's been a long winter and no trips photographing abroad the first 4 months of this year so I made up for it recently with a visit to Dubai and a 10 day tour of the UAE. 

This is my second visit to the UAE but was fortunate to spend much more time there this second time around. While I did not take my photo gear, I did use my wife's small Sony NEX7 which performed well. There is something to be said for carrying something less conspicuous and heavy. 
The UAE is an amazing yet relatively small country comprising of a multicultural population that cater to the needs of their booming tourist business and the local emirate's.
The warm welcoming spirit and incredible customer service leaves you feeling like you were treated like royalty. 
Visiting both of the two major cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi you can help come away wondering if it was a dream or were you on a hollywood sic-fi film set.
There are plenty of photographic opportunity's both in the city's and the desert. There is indeed a lot more to the UAE than meets the eye and I was hardly able to scratch at the surface of this beautiful and friendly country.